Seven Guild members arrived at the Hook Village Hall for the May monthly meeting, eager to try some new techniques. The brief was to create a piece (or pieces) of work by dripping and pouring paint or ink onto a support, be that canvas, board or paper, and then move it around by tilting or blowing to achieve unexpected effects.

As they set up their workspaces most admitted this was out of their “comfort zone”. But the evening proved to be an enjoyable adventure with some new materials.

Materials differed but split equally between inks and some form of fluid acrylics.

Fluid Art

The canvas board was prepared by applying a coat of white acrylic mixed with Liquitex Pouring medium and water, a third of each.

The pouring acrylics in blue, turquoise, white and metallic gold were layered in a plastic beaker and a few drops of silicon oil added.

The beaker was upended over the canvas and left to allow the paints to migrate down to the canvas.

When the beaker was removed the paints formed a puddle which was then moved around by tilting the canvas.

Gloves and table covering essential!