The monthly meeting for Guild members in March carried the brief to create a piece of work inspired by a still life collection of objects but portrayed using a single colour (plus black and white if desired), Any medium could be used and members were instructed to bring their own reference materials. With the distraction of colour removed it would emphasise how important tone is to convey the form of 3D objects on a 2D surface.

The meeting was well attended with 9 members present and eager to engage in the evening2s challenge. A variety of media were used including watercolour, acrylic inks, oil pastels and pastels.

Sonia worked on a floral piece in pink.

Mike focused on some antique bottles in shades of green.

Anna tackled peppers using yellow oil pastel.

Joy created a restful green garden themed painting.

Jim”s green bottles had a cubist twist.

Jane and Jenny worked on decorative pieces in yellow and blue respectively.

Ann created a study in blue watercolour.

Antonetta did a loose watercolour of a small jug.