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This site aims to inform you about the activities of the Guild and its members. This lively group of practising artists, based in Wiltshire, regularly exhibit throughout the year and hold meetings and workshops on a monthly basis. Browse our pages to find details of the history of the Guild and also the programme for the year. Examples of members' work are shown in Members Galleries to give you an idea of the variety of work you are likely to see at the Guild exhibitions. Keep up with the work of the Guild; workshop reports, tips & tricks, art inspirations, and more via our Blog pages. Should you wish to purchase or commission a piece of original art from a particular artist, your enquiry can be passed on via the Guild contact page.

Latest News

Guild Exhibitions for 2023

The Guild is planning two Exhibitions in 2023. In the Summer we will be exhibiting in St Peter's Church, Marlborough, 15 - 18 June and in the Autumn we will be exhibiting in the John Bowen Gallery, Malmesbury 9 - 28 September.

In 2022 the Guild Summer Exhibition was held in St Peter’s in Marlborough from Sunday 24th to Saturday 30th July.

The Guild Autumn Exhibition was shown in the John Bowen Gallery in Malmesbury Town Hall, from Saturday 10th to Thursday 29th September in conjunction with the Malmesbury Flying Monk Arts Trail over the weekend of 24th and 25th September.

A video tour of our current exhibition at The John Bowen Gallery in Malmesbury.

Future Exhibition Dates

2024 - Sat. October 19 to Thur. November 7 - in Malmesbury

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News from Other Art Societies

South Cerney Art Group - Art Exhibition

South Cerney Village Hall, School Lane, South Cerney, Cirencester GL7 5TU. Open 10am to 4pm daily from Saturday 27th to Monday 29th May 2023. Admission free, refreshments available.

Cricklade Art Group Summer Exhibition 2023

Open the weekend of 10th and 11th June daily from 10am to 4pm at Cricklade Town Hall, High St, Cricklade, Swindon SN6 6AE. Entry free. See website for more information about this group.

Monthly Meetings:

Every month Guild Members meet for a themed workshop or demo. Visit the Programme page (see third item in the red column on the left) for the schedule of monthly meetings and other events. Reports on monthly meetings can be found in our Blog

March 2023

Monochrome Challenge, our March 2023 Monthly Meeting carried the brief to create a piece of work inspired by a still life collection of objects but portrayed using a single colour (plus black and white if desired), any medium could be used and members were instructed to bring their own reference materials.

With the distraction of colour removed the emphasis would be on how important tone is to convey the form of 3D objects on a 2D surface - watch the slideshow below.

Members ready for action ... Sonia working ... on her floral piece ... in shades of pink. Mike sizes up his bottles for ... a study in green. Jim works in green pastel ... another study of bottles. Anna used oil pastels ... on a study of peppers ... in yellow. Joy had a garden theme ... in shades of green. Jane's decorative piece in yellow. Jenny's blue opus. Ann's still life with apples ... in progress ... a tonal piece in blue. Antonetta's little purple jug.
Members enjoy another Monthly Meeting link.

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