David White



I have no formal training, other than Art & Craft 'A' Level. The last painting I completed was in 1987. After a hiatus of nearly 25 years, I tried painting again around early 2012.

In my re-acquaintance to art I found oil paints to be frustratingly slow. As well as drying much faster, I found acrylics could give very flat opaque colour or transparency, depending on dilution and opacity of the pigment in question. With the very large array of modern colours, and instructive labelling, acrylics are more suitable for my work process.


Their vibrancy I investigated in my painting of reflections in a canal boat roof. Their transparency I investigated in glazing, as shown in the pictures of my daughter wading and my eldest son in a plastic ball on water. I intended to investigate their opacity, with acrylic marker pens, painting my youngest son. However, in frustration I tried 'dotting' with the markers early in the process. I was so fascinated by the ability to generate very subtle colour and tonal effects, that I extended this process to the whole painting. I think 'pointillism' will occupy me for a little time yet!