Jim Dowton




I paint simply because I enjoy it. I love the process of painting, as well as the challenge and excitement of trying to produce a piece that will be pleasing to me and, hopefully, will also give enjoyment to others.

My working life was in education as a full-time primary school teacher. It was only in the last few years, when teaching just part-time, that I started to paint more regularly.

Most of my work is with pastels, though I do also work with acrylics, watercolour and pencils. At present, I am mainly involved with painting portraits, figures and wild animals.

In September 2007 I moved from Buckinghamshire to Wiltshire where I joined the Guild of Wiltshire Artists. I have had no formal art training but, while living in Aylesbury, I worked for an extended time with a group of local artists from the Aylesbury Vale area who specialised in portrait painting.

I work with photographs and sitters as a springboard for my portraits and I also undertake commissioned work.

Further examples of my paintings may be viewed in Gallery 5 of the website: www.artzeit.com