Ruth Moreira



I graduated in fine art at the University of Humberside (as it was then called) in 1993, with painting as my main subject.  I joined Hull Artists and exhibited with them and sometimes at The Ferens for a couple of years, until deciding that family responsibilities called for a more mainstream career.  My work at that time was predominantly abstract, often using found materials.  Since then there have been fluctuations between both figurative and abstract approaches at different times.

My career path involved social care and took me to Northumerland, where I remained for many years.  Landscape provided inspiration, with my chosen medium usually acrylics.

In 2012 I moved to Wiltshire.  Changes in career and family life have now given me more time for painting.  Currently the focus is on painting nudes and portraits in oils, though I did complete an abstract commission this year.  Drawing animals in ink has been a recent interest too.  The Guild of Wiltshire Artists accepted my application to join in August 2015.